Maintaining Trees on Private Property In The Frankston Council

Posted on Aug 26, 2022

Maintaining Trees on Private Property In The Frankston Council

Maintaining Trees on Private Property in The Frankston Council

The proper maintenance of trees on private property is integral to happy, healthy flora and a safe environment for you, your family, and the general public. If you have a tree that needs attention, you might be thinking: What are the rules around pruning trees on my property? Do I need a Frankston tree arborist? Are the rules different for trees on council land? This article will unpack the Frankston council’s regulations surrounding tree maintenance and pruning.

Let’s get started.

Looking After Trees on Private Property

Caring for your trees is just as important as mowing your lawn or weeding your flowerbed. With the proper treatment, your trees will provide shade and enjoyment for many years to come. In addition, tree maintenance is a lot easier and less expensive than treating larger-scale tree problems. Maintenance can save you money, time, and heartache in the long run.

What does tree maintenance include? Regular inspections, pruning, and mulching can all help protect and preserve the tree's health on your property. This process also ensures issues are detected before they cause significant or irreversible damage.

Who should perform tree maintenance? A tree arborist Frankston locals trust is the most reliable choice.

Arborists specialise in tree care. They are familiar with the types of trees that grow across the Frankston council, and they understand the warning signs indicating diseases and other problems. Crucially, they know the steps required to ensure the health and safety of the tree and the people, creatures, and other plants that share its environment.

Tree maintenance can be dangerous. The Frankston council recommends all tree work is undertaken by an experienced professional.

When Do I Need a Permit?

In some cases, you will need a Local Law permit to perform tree maintenance. If a Local Law permit is required, the council will not let you complete the work on your own. Only qualified arborists are allowed to carry out these tasks.

You will need a Local Law permit to carry out the following if your tree’s trunk circumference is 110 cm in

  • diameter or larger at its base:
  • Remove, damage, kill, or destroy; OR
  • Prune, cut, or trim over one-third of the canopy; OR
  • Carry out any maintenance or pruning that encroached within over 10 per cent of the Tree Protection Zone.

Before submitting your application or starting works, the council recommends contacting the Planning and Environment department.

The above rules apply regardless of whether the trees are on private property or council land.

What Is the Australian Standard for Pruning?

For pruning to be effective and safe, it must be carried out with a thorough understanding of how trees behave and respond after various types of cuts. Trees are living things, and improper treatment and outdated or incorrectly performed pruning techniques can result in permanent damage and increased susceptibility to disease.

The Australian Standard (AS 4373) for Pruning exists to protect our largest trees and keep wildlife and people safe. In addition, the standard ensures arborists leverage up-to-date knowledge and best practice to improve the health, longevity, and appearance of trees. For these reasons, only an arborist can prune a council tree in a way that meets the Australian Standard. Similarly, Frankston trees overhanging from a nature strip can be pruned by a qualified arborist.

Contact a Tree Arborist Frankston

If a tree on private property requires maintenance and care, get in touch. Our team has the experience and qualification needed to protect the health of your tree, enhance the appearance of your garden, and keep you, your family, and your neighbours out of harm’s way.

Quinton Garlick Photo - Arborist

Quinton Garlick

Fully Insured Arborist

Known for consistently delivering top quality tree work, great value for money and customer service second to none. Quinton cares about his clients, their trees and the property that surrounds them.

To organise a free tree inspection
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